Great Places to Visit in Miami, FL

With its fascinating assemblage of manmade and natural attractions as well as multicultural neighborhoods, Miami is a must-see destination for any discerning traveler. From historic and wildlife to thrill and museum attractions, there is truly something for everyone. I recently found out that it is easy to lose yourself in this amazing metropolis. Miami is home to pristine beaches, lush tropical parks and dazzling blue waters. Its manmade attractions include crayon-colored architecture, world-class museums and picturesque skylines. As an avid thrill seeker, I enjoyed a wide array of wet and wild attractions along the beaches.

I embarked on boat tours and trips to water parks, which helped quench my thirst for speed and also took me off the beaten path. At one point I jumped onto a power catamaran and rode the waves at thrilling speeds of 45 miles per hour. The adventure easily became the highlight of my trip to the Magic City. Some of the speed boat tours available to adventure seekers include escapades into the Atlantic Ocean and the Biscayne Bay. This provides a wonderful opportunity to view fabulous mansions of Fisher Island, Key Biscayne and Star Island. The upmarket areas are home to a number of celebrities. On the other hand, the Coral Castle adds character and uniqueness to the local landscape. The awe-inspiring 1100-ton coral structure was built by Ed Leedskalnin as a tribute to his fiance.

For a glimpse of natural beauty and wildlife, I took a trip to the Everglades National Park where I discovered an impressive variety of native species of plants and animals. The park is a fantastic place to enjoy numerous outdoor activities, including boating, camping, hiking, fishing and biking. The 1.5-million-acre park was established as means to protect the vulnerable ecosystems in the Lake Okeechobee watershed area. The southernmost part of the watershed features a network of wetlands that host countless species of animals and plants. The Miami Seaquarium is a fabulous stop that offers an outdoor aquarium experience. When it comes to museums, Miami provides access to an impressive selection, including the Children’s Museum and the Museum of Science.


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